Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Semi-Classical Indian Performances!

Pre-performing Posing--

Practicing the Semi-classical dance. I'm on the left.   
LOVE this dance!

Getting ready for dance performance at the Grand Hyatt.  It was fabulous!  Crowded, but super fun!

More. . .

Holi Festival Performance.  We did Modern fusion and the TJ dance.  It went well.

Here we performed a yoga/Bollywood number at the Indian Embassy.  I met some amazing people.

This sweet, little 9-year old danced with us and was FABULOUS!  Impressed.

All of the dancers for our Yoga dance plus Ravi--the yogi.  
They were superb.

Yukari, a hairdresser, used her amazing skills to turn Frankenstein into an Indian Princess. Fun stuff!

Cheesy Naan--YES!!!

We went out for Indian food afterward.  The kids were super adventurous! Proud of them.
Plus, it was delicious!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bollywood times

So, I'm LOVING being part of Sahelia Bollywood dance group.  We are having an AMAZING time learning Bollywood songs and performing them all over Tokyo.  

Here we are performing Bollykoi--A combination of Bollywood and Japanese dance.  So grateful to be a part of this amazing dance and group of people.  We performed in Yokohama for the Holi Festival and it was FABULOUS!

These are amazing women with a passion for dance.  Love them!

Even when they are weird!

                                Such posers, we are!  Dancing with fans and umbrellas.  Fun!

My friend Atsumi.  She's beautiful!  So happy to be dancing with her!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Harijuku and Meiji Shrine

Decorative doors and handsome boys. . .

Manon the Great!

The drums at Meiji Shrine and the drummer girls.

The couple at the gate.  Silly children in the background.

All Seven stand at the gate and knock.

Manon and Willa found the light!

Peek-a-beautiful Manon. 

The girls together.

More girls. . .

One girl.

Then to Harijuku!

Mason checking out the craziness at Harijuku.  Bright colors, insane costumes, delicious crepes.

And cookies.  It's always cookie time for serious cookie munchers. No truer words were ever spoken.

Take a look at the name of this street. . .

Want some kitschy clothes?  Shop here. . .

All dressed up for Harijuku.  Love those shoes!

Ending the day with a crepe break. Scrumptious!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Day at the Onsen--Japanese Hot Springs

Michael, Lisa, Mason, Bronwen, and Manon spent the day at a local Onsen--a Japanese spa "theme park". This is the main area where people congregate in their Yukata robes to eat ramen, drink tea, and decide what their next spa adventure will be.

We all wore Yukatas--a Japanese robe--kind of like a casual kimono.  Very comfy.

Ramen and fries--great combo.

We took the journey on the rock river to "massage" our feet. More like torture.  But the water was nice and hot and felt good in the chilly outdoors.

Taking a break from the painful journey to foot Nirvana.

 And of course, we couldn't pass up the Fish Therapy--where the leetle fishies eat all of the dead skin off of your feet.  Tickled like the dickens.

 This is the face you make when those Leetle fishies have their way with your footsies.

 Onsen love.

All dressed up and ready to return to society.  
Refreshed and relaxed.