Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hale trip to Thailand, Cambodia & Bali

For Chinese New year 2009 our family had a fabulous trip to Bali, Thailand and Cambodia.
We spent a wonderful week in Bali--Club Med Nusa Dua.

It was a dream trip!

Lisa & the girls all went to the beach for some Balinese braids. . .

Bronwen's bodacious braids!

Michael trying out the bungee trampoline.
Look out!!

Mason loved the trapeze. . .

We LOVED the Gourmet Buffet!!

Could we get some help over here! Not enough hair dressers. . .

Hanging out in the clam shell!

Family time pigging out!

The braids just make the food taste better!

Especially the ice cream!!

Willa loved activities with the Mini Club Med--hanging out at the beach, playing games, singing silly songs.

Mason hangs out with his Australian friend Ben.

Join me for a smoothie?

Balinese braided beauties bask on the beach. . .

How much longer????

We LOVE Club Med!!!


Willa performs with Kid's Club (Center front)

Balinese dancer--gotta love that head dress!

YUM! Free drinks!

. . . . .

Michael takes an afternoon nap!


Kid's Club Parade

Snorkeling Date!

The girls try the trapeze--don't get stuck up there!!

Cutie pie!

Bronwen & Lisa conquer the canoe!

Look out behind you! Fertility Godess!!

Shopping for Balinese souvenirs. . . sooo tempting!!!

Entering the Monkey forest--Beware!!!

Willa is attacked by a huge ferocious monkey

Balinese Hindu Temple--skirts and shoes required!


Give me back that banana!

We stayed at a local hotel the first night--rustic and quirky!

Lisa & Bronwen at yoga class.

Balinese family

Yes, they DO have fries and
grilled cheese in Bali!

Bali--home of the first garden gnomes. . .

More yoga!

Nice pool!

In transit to Cambodia. . .

Cambodian Sunset
Old Colonial B&B

Bronwen & Lisa power shop.

Riding in a boat to tour the
Cambodian floating village.

We visit a floating Cambodian school.

The kids hand out school supplies.

Cambodian python--Mason loves snakes!


Floating village formed on the shores of Lake Thonle Sap.

Look out for the locals--

Floating nursery. . .

Favorite mode of transportation--the Tuk tuk!

Angkor Wat in all of it's Native Splendor.

Pizza a la Cambodia--not bad!!

Hindu god at Angkor Wat

Truly an amazing structure!!

So serious!

Feel the meditation. . .

Love the smell of old granite!

Bayan Ruins

Really???? Who would do that???

The steepest stairs known to man!

We made it!! Whew!

Check out the root system!!!


Oh my holy scrud!!!

Manon in Tree Pose. . .

Love among the Ruins--

Roots & Shoots

SOOOOO Bigggg!

Tree Pose. . .

Cambodia Kid!

Hold that pose!!!

Love those Tuk tuks!!


Thai Massage rocks!!!

Dinner on the beach with our
Swedish friends the Clarks.

A walk along the Beach on the island of Koh Chang

Swimming with the dolphins. . .

We love dolphins!!

Chinese food makes Mason sick. . .

Lisa takes a ride on a dolphin!

Willa, come back!

Spitting dolphin--where are your manners!

Give me a kiss!

Mason-eating dolphin!

Thai taxi!

Ferry to Koh Chang--Elephant Island

Hard to say goodbye. . ..