Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip to Palmyra

The beautiful Palmyra Temple

Sunshine-y Sweethearts!

14 year-old Mason in Joseph Smith's house

Willa enters the Sacred Grove

Book of Mormon Printing Press
The most beautiful swimming hole on Earth!

Willa riding the Swamp Monster

I'm going in there!

Woo! Ben and Jerry's!!

He's so excited about ice cream!

Second Swimming hole of the trip


Willa contemplates jumping in after that dog!

Skipping rocks!

Crepes in Quebec! Delicieux!

Hmmm. . . colorful!

Wow! Looks like France!

We love Quebec!

We toured the cathedral where Celine Dion was married in Montreal.
Note Willa--especially excited!!

What a fabulous sculpture in the new chapel in the Church!


Mini ice cream cones--scrumptious!

On the banks of the Susquehanna at the site of the Priesthood

Skipping stones on the Susquehanna

. We had a WONDERFUL family trip to
Vermont, Quebec, and Montreal!