Monday, January 5, 2015

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas!

Although the compound still looks like an Autumn wonderland, the air is starting to get chilly and Christmas decorations are starting to appear. Nature is a bit behind the curve over here, I guess.

We found a super talented Christmas tree located at the Mori Shopping Center.  It turns colors and sparkles in many merry and multifarious ways. 

Then. . .

Headed out for some early Christmas shopping at Kiddyland located on the Rodeo Drive of Tokyo--Omotisando.  Strange and wonderful animated, stuffed, miniature, and at times frightening toys to be found.

Naked baby toys that "may bring you  happiness".  
I like the disclaimer.

Best buds Willa and Ella with their shopping spoils.  Tired, but strangely energized by the bizarre and colorful Kiddyland.  Headed home in the rain.

 Do these dwarves make me look fat?

Ambassador Kennedy Shindig

Hale Family (-1) in front of Ambassador Kennedy's personal Christmas tree.  Say wha???

Visiting with Santa's Helper and Mrs. Santa's Helper.  
Asian and adorbs.

Sisterly love on the "grounds" by the "pool".

Various sightings of Ambassador Kennedy (OK call me a fan girl and get over it!)  And yes, I forced my children to place themselves strategically in the foreground in order to catch her in the background.  
You may now proceed to call child services.

See Manon.  See how happy Manon is to do this service for me.  Now if the Ambassador's hair were on fire or something this would be creepy due to Manon's 
self-satisfied, all-knowing look.

The Ambassador loves clowns and balloons 
shaped like flowers.

Another lovely tree.

With an adorable, lovely girl in front of it.

Sword fighting with said flower balloon weapons.  
Practicing for real samurai combat.

Sweet and cute Zumba Kids' student Juliette with Miss Lisa.

Taking the scenic route home.  It was a heck of a shindig!!  Feeling spoiled.