Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Semi-Classical Indian Performances!

Pre-performing Posing--

Practicing the Semi-classical dance. I'm on the left.   
LOVE this dance!

Getting ready for dance performance at the Grand Hyatt.  It was fabulous!  Crowded, but super fun!

More. . .

Holi Festival Performance.  We did Modern fusion and the TJ dance.  It went well.

Here we performed a yoga/Bollywood number at the Indian Embassy.  I met some amazing people.

This sweet, little 9-year old danced with us and was FABULOUS!  Impressed.

All of the dancers for our Yoga dance plus Ravi--the yogi.  
They were superb.

Yukari, a hairdresser, used her amazing skills to turn Frankenstein into an Indian Princess. Fun stuff!

Cheesy Naan--YES!!!

We went out for Indian food afterward.  The kids were super adventurous! Proud of them.
Plus, it was delicious!!!