Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali!

We were invited to a Diwali Festival in October.  It was quite a cultural event/party.  They had booths of Indian goods, ongoing performances of Bollywood and traditional Indian dancing and musical numbers--not to mention the delicious Indian food!  And, of course, we had to dress for the occasion (at least the girls).

Mango Lassis, butter chicken and kebabs. Yum!  Although we weren't fond of the "soda" that we bought and gave to the kids that turned out to be alcoholic.  Um, whoops!

And, of course, we enjoyed the Naan bread. . .and a Naan bread-headed creature.  No way.

Manon can't resist a good costume character.  In fact, when she was, like 3 years old she stopped an Easter egg hunt when she broke through the tape barrier and ran into the center of the field to give the Easter bunny a hug.  So cute!

And Griffin couldn't resist either.  Seriously?  When else do you get a chance to pose with a piece of walking Naan bread?

Met with my friend Minori who danced with her Bollywood troop that night.  They were fabulous!  Here is a picture of them.  I'm looking forward to dancing with them in the Spring.

Too much cute stuff to buy!  We girls got earrings and fun Indian clothes.

And crazy pictures.

Griffin didn't want any Indian stuff, so he bought a drink from the vending machine. Cool thing is, it was HOT lemonade--HOT.  Out of the same machine that we used to buy a COLD soda. What IS that? How do they DO that? Fun, though. 

Happy Diwali!